Malawi urged to turn over new leaf amid tobacco lawsuit

Author: Marima, T., 2020 Patchy rainfall in Malawi’s tobacco fields signals a difficult harvest season ahead for the farmers gathering the country’s “green gold”, but even greater storms could be about to break over an industry coming under increased international pressure to reform its child labour practices. See more: African Business

Juul Labs Sought to Court AGs as Teen Vaping Surged

Authors: Perrone, M. & Lardner, R. Juul’s political action committee made thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to individual state attorneys general, according to records It was a blunt warning about the dangers of youth vaping: Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced late last month that his state had joined 38 others to investigate whether […]

Estimating the Proportion of Cases of Lung Cancer Legally Attributable to Smoking: A Novel Approach for Class Actions Against the Tobacco Industry

Author: Siemiatycki, J., et al, 2014                                                    Download                           Published by: American Journal of Public Health