Will Indonesia mitigate COVID-19 by enforcing stronger tobacco control

President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has been sent an appeal to urgently strengthen the response to corona virus disease in the country, by stronger enforcement of comprehensive and evidence-based tobacco control measures, which includes immediate ratification of the global tobacco treaty (World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control). Studies in various countries globally show that people […]

US suspends Malawi tobacco imports after child labour allegations

Author: Boseley, S., 2019 The US government has suspended all imports of tobacco from Malawi over child labour allegations. The ban follows the news that human rights lawyers are to bring a case against British American Tobacco (BAT)_in the high court in London over child labour in Malawi’s tobacco fields, as a result of revelations […]

Malawi urged to turn over new leaf amid tobacco lawsuit

Author: Marima, T., 2020 Patchy rainfall in Malawi’s tobacco fields signals a difficult harvest season ahead for the farmers gathering the country’s “green gold”, but even greater storms could be about to break over an industry coming under increased international pressure to reform its child labour practices. See more: African Business

Q&A on smoking and COVID-19

Are smokers and tobacco users at higher risk of COVID-19 infection? Smokers are likely to be more vulnerable to COVID-19 as the act of smoking means that fingers (and possibly contaminated cigarettes) are in contact with lips which increases the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth. Smokers may also already have lung […]

Coronavirus risks send out yet another reminder to smokers: quit now

“I have argued before about the dangers posed by Covid-19 to smokers, and a huge amount of data now confirms my view – bodies like the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, health organisations and national ministers of health are unanimous in recognising the link and the risk.” – Prof Dr Judith Mackay, director, Asian […]

20 anti-tobacco organizations demand ban on tobacco goods manufacturing, sale

Describing Tobacco goods exacerbate COVID-19 infection and are not essential commodity, 20 anti-tobacco organizations demanded  withdrawal of a directive of the Industries Ministry to continue sale and manufacturing of cigarettes. See more: United News of Bangladesh

NYSAFP: Ban Tobacco/Vaping Products During COVID-19 Pandemic

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s so-called New York State on PAUSE Executive Order(coronavirus.health.ny.gov) went into effect March 22, New York ranked as the state hardest hit by COVID-19, with more than 20,000 people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2.(coronavirus.health.ny.gov) That same day, the New York State AFP took its own stand against the virus, calling for an immediate ban on the […]

E-Cigarette Use & Ads Aimed At Kids Threaten Tobacco Control Gains – On 15th Anniversary Of International Convention

Authors: Ren, G. and Fletcher, E.R. As the World Health Organization and WHO member states celebrate 15 years since the signing of the the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC), the global uptake in e-cigarettes, as well as targeted advertising aimed at children and adolescents, threatens the worldwide gains that have been achieved in reducing tobacco […]