What is Known about Tobacco Industry Efforts to Influence Tobacco Tax? A Systematic Review of Empirical Studies (2013)

Authors: Katherine Smith, Emily Savell, and Anna Gilmore Abstract Objective: To systematically review studies of tobacco industry efforts to influence tobacco tax policies. Methods: Searches were conducted between 1 October 2009 and 31 March 2010 in 14 databases/websites, in relevant bibliographies and via experts. Studies were included if they focused on industry efforts to influence tobacco tax […]

Tobacco Industry Interference in the WHO European Region (2012)

Author: Olsen, Céline E J L Brassart WHO selected tobacco industry interference as the theme of the 2012 World No Tobacco Day, recognizing the serious danger the tobacco industry poses to public health and the need to expose and counter the industry’s increasing attempts to undermine the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). […]

Tackling Cigarette Smuggling with Enforcement: Case Studies Reviewing the Experience in Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom (2012)

Authors: János Nagy Abstract This paper provides an overview of the approaches taken to address cigarette smuggling and focuses on the experiences of Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom to reduce illicit trade in tobacco products. The author identifies the significance of highly taxed tobacco products as contributors to government revenue and the efforts made […]

Blood Cigarettes: Cigarette Smuggling and War Economies in Central and Eastern Africa (2011)

Authors: Kristof Titeca, Luk Joossens and Martin Raw Abstract Objective: To analyse cigarette smuggling practices in central and eastern Africa. Methods: Primary data were gathered during long-term qualitative field research in which about 400 interviews were conducted. Analysis of secondary sources included academic literature and reports from non-government organisations, multilateral organisations and the press. Results: Our research […]

Complicity in Contraband: British American Tobacco and Cigarette Smuggling in Asia (2004)

Authors: J Collin Abstract Objectives: To examine the complicity of British American Tobacco (BAT) in cigarette smuggling in Asia, and to assess the centrality of illicit trade to regional corporate strategy. Methods: Analysis of previously confidential documents from BAT’s Guildford depository. An iterative strategy combined searches based on geography, organisational structure, and key personnel, while corporate euphemisms for […]

Voices of Truth, vol. 2: Multinational Tobacco Industry Activity in the Middle East: A Review of Internal Industry Documents (2001)

Authors: Ross Hammond and Celia White Abstract The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean has been working for years with national, regional and international partners to address tobacco health hazards and to support all national tobacco control measures. Yet, success in reducing the rates of morbidity and mortality attributed to tobacco use has remained […]