Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Data on and Press Coverage of the Illicit Tobacco Trade in the UK (2014)

Authors: Andy Rowell, Karen Evans-Reeves, and Anna Gilmore Abstract Background: In the UK, transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) have been arguing that levels of illicit trade are high and increasing and will rise further if standardised packaging is implemented. This paper examines trends in and accuracy of media reporting of, and industry data on, illicit tobacco in the UK. Methods: Quantification […]

Towards a Greater Understanding of the Illicit Tobacco Trade in Europe: A Review of the PMI Funded ‘Project Star’ Report (2013)

Authors: Anna Gilmore et al. Abstract Following a legal agreement with the European Union (EU), Philip Morris International (PMI) commissions a yearly report (‘Project Star’, PS) on the European illicit cigarette trade from KPMG, the global accountancy firm. Review of PS 2010 report. Comparison with data from independent sources including a 2010 pan-European survey (N=18 056). […]

Public Policy Implications of Tobacco Industry Smuggling Through Native American Reservations into Canada (2008)

Authors: Max H Kelton Jr and  Michael S Givel Abstract From 1980 to 1994, the Canadian government enacted major tax increases on tobacco products. These actions initiated significant tobacco smuggling from the United States into Canada through a few U.S. Native American reservations to undercut the price of Canadian tobacco products. The tobacco industry blamed […]

Protecting Your Country’s Tobacco Track and Trace System From the Tobacco Industry (2019)

Executive Summary The Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (ITP) requires a global tobacco tracking and tracing system.1 Packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco need to be marked with a secure, unique ID so they can be tracked from their point of manufacture to the point where all taxes have been paid. If […]

Big Tobacco is consistently overstating black market in cigarettes – new findings

Author: Gallagher, A. and Gilmore, A. What’s the size of the black market in tobacco and who is behind it? These questions have dogged governments, public health advocates, researchers and the tobacco industry for years. The world’s biggest tobacco companies spend millions on research to produce answers – commissioning reports which often conclude that the […]