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US seeks $289bn in tobacco claim

19 March 2003: BBC News The US Justice Department is suing the world’s leading tobacco companies for $289bn (£184.5bn) of their profits for the alleged fraudulent marketing of cigarettes. A court filing by the US government claims the companies lied about the link with cancer and the addictiveness of cigarettes. “In short, defendants’ scheme to […]

Tobacco giant says sorry to Czechs

27 Jul 2001 Michael Ellison The Guardian Philip Morris, the US tobacco giant behind Marlboro cigarettes, has apologised for funding a widely derided survey that found that the early deaths of smokers helped governments to save money. “All of us at Philip Morris, no matter where we work, are extremely sorry for this,” the company’s […]

Smoking Can Help Czech Economy, Philip Morris-Little Report Says

16 July 2001 Gordon Fairclough The Wall Street Journal Cigarette Smokers’ Frequent Early Deaths Offset Federal Medical Costs, Study Finds Philip Morris Cos. officials in the Czech Republic have been distributing an economic analysis concluding that cigarette consumption isn’t a drag on the country’s budget, in part because smokers’ early deaths help offset medical expenses. […]

COP8: Regulate heated tobacco products

By Mary Assunta The transnational tobacco companies (TTC) are running a global marketing campaign pushing their heated tobacco products as safer alternatives to smoking and reframing their image to belong to the harm reduction family. Philip Morris International (PMI) launched its heated tobacco product, IQOS and claims to be going “smoke-free”, confusing and confounding the […]

The tobacco industry plays price games to make it even tougher to quit smoking

By J. Robert Branston, Anna Gilmore, Rosemary Hiscock Source: The Conversation It is thought about two in three smokers want to kick their deadly habit, and with good reason – the same proportion of them are believed to die prematurely because of smoking. Around the world, the habit kills more than 6m people a year. Yet quitting is […]

WHO vows tighter, broader actions against tobacco, industry interference

Editor: Mu Xuequan Xinhua GENEVA, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) — The World Health Organization (WHO) unveiled a global strategy on Saturday to scale up the tobacco control agenda over the next few years and to prevent further interference by tobacco industry in public health policies. The strategy, titled the Medium-Term Strategic Framework (MTSF), aims to strengthen […]

COP8 adopts important decision on WHO FCTC Article 5.3

On 6 October 2018, the eighth session of the WHO FCTC (COP8) adopted important decision that will strengthen the implementation of Article 5.3 and protect public health measures from tobacco industry interference. Among the issues included in this decision are: to foster international cooperation by requiring the tobacco industry to provide information on its activities […]