Petition to the COVID-19 National Task-force: Government has a Duty to Protect Public Health Laws and Policies from Commercial and Other Vested Interests of the Tobacco Industry

Government has a duty to protect public health laws and policies from commercial and other vested interests of the Tobacco industry We, the Uganda National Health Users’/Consumers’ Organization call upon the COVID-19 National Task-force to look into the issue of the contribution from Leaf Tobacco and Merchandise LTD and Meridian Tobacco Company to the COVID-19 […]

Will Indonesia mitigate COVID-19 by enforcing stronger tobacco control

President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has been sent an appeal to urgently strengthen the response to corona virus disease in the country, by stronger enforcement of comprehensive and evidence-based tobacco control measures, which includes immediate ratification of the global tobacco treaty (World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control). Studies in various countries globally show that people […]

Big Tobacco is no friend to Women – INWAT

March 8, 2019 The International Network of Women against Tobacco (INWAT) calls out the Phillip Morris International (PMI) “Week of Women,” – a so-called celebration of International Women’s Day a hoax. PMI has a renowned and infamous history of marketing to women and children with deadly consequences.  We challenge their Women’s Day activity as fake […]