Brazil sues tobacco companies to recoup healthcare costs

On 21 May 2019, the Brazilian government filed a lawsuit against two major tobacco companies to recover healthcare costs due to top 26 diseases scientifically proven to be linked with cigarette smoking. It also seeks moral damages and anticipated health costs from the tobacco transnational British American Tobacco PLC and Philip Morris International along with […]

Shameless and blameless: how big tobacco is trying to dupe everyone — and what SARS should do about it

Michael Eads, Hana Ross and Savera Kalideen, Daily Mavrick:  Big tobacco’s public relations campaign around the intention by SARS to clamp down on tobacco supply chains should come as no surprise. It comes straight out of their playbook used around the world to prevent governments from enacting meaningful change that actually clamps down on illicit […]

State of Kerala adopts a comprehensive policy on FCTC Article 5.3

23 May 2019, Bangkok – The State of Kerala in India has adopted a comprehensive policy to protect its policies against the tobacco industry’s commercial and vested interests. The policy is to be overseen by an intergovernmental committee which involves civil society, and requires all public servants to report on any interactions with the industry […]

Grand Prix of France of Le Mans: Justice gives right to the CNCT and prevents the return of Philip Morris on the circuits

CNCT, Press Release: The French justice has just subjected the multinational tobacco company Philip Morris a stinging defeat by giving a stop to its attempt to return to motorsport, including the sponsorship of Ferrari cars and Ducati motorcycles. Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, the CNCT had appealed to the magistrate of Le Mans to prohibit […]

Big Tobacco’s shadowy new play

The Sydney Morning Herald, Tim Elliott: With health authorities stubbing out much of Big Tobacco’s business, and vaping on the rise, one of the industry’s biggest players says it plans to stop selling cigarettes. Is that just hot air? Filipinos have always been among the world’s most enthusiastic smokers. According to the World Bank, more […]

WHO official: With e-cigarettes, the tobacco industry just ‘changed clothes’ Sarantis Michalopoulos This article is part of our special report Tobacco control: What’s next?. In an interview with, Dr Vera Luiza da Costa, the head of secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), has criticised the tobacco industry, saying that with its push for electronic cigarettes the trade “just changed clothes […]

Piers Morgan ridicules Philip Morris boss for ‘staggeringly hypocritical’ campaign to ‘end smoking’ with help of less harmful alternatives – despite still selling cigarettes

Mail Online: Lara Keay The boss of one of the world’s largest cigarette companies has urged Britons to stop smoking.  Peter Nixon is the UK managing director for Philip Morris, which produces 800 billion cigarettes across the world every year.  But today, on National No Smoking Day, he appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to […]

The cost of defeating Philip Morris over cigarette plain packaging

The Sydney Morning Herald: Pat Ranald Australia scored a victory over the tobacco giant Philip Morris in the High Court in 2012. The court held that Australia’s plain cigarette packaging laws were legal and did not constitute an unjust confiscation of trademarks and intellectual property. Philip Morris had to pay all of Australia’s costs. If it had […]

WHO rejects collaboration with Philip Morris-funded foundation

Public health round-up: World Health Organization WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus rejected a collaboration proposal from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, funded by PhilipMorris International. The foundation proposed that WHO “review and consider how best to work with the foundation to facilitate a rapid reduction in the use of lethal cigarettes” in an open […]