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WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Secretariat’s statement on the launch of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

19 Sep 2017: The Convention Secretariat for the WHO FCTC (CSF) has issued a statement denouncing Philip Morris International’s new billion dollar ‘Foundation for a Smoke-free World’, that it is an industry funded activity in breach of the WHO FCTC. According to the CSF, “Any collaboration with this Foundation, due to its current funding arrangements that comes from a tobacco […]

United Nation Global Compact Integrity Policy Update

12 September 2017: Following a comprehensive integrity review as part of its new 2030 strategy and vision, the United Nations Global Compact has enhanced its policies and procedures to more closely align with the broader UN system. Effective 12 September 2017, the UN Global Compact will increase scrutiny of companies upon entry into the initiative, […]

Thailand became the first country in Asia to ban tobacco industry related corporate social responsibility (CSR)

24 August 2017: In July, Thailand became the first country in Asia to implement a ban on tobacco industry related corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. See law here. This is an important achievement under WHO FCTC Article 5.3 and enhances good governance as the tobacco industry uses such activities to gain access and endorsement from high level government […]

Policy makers to keep off tobacco industry

26 June 2017: The Bihar state government has issued a notification prohibiting tobacco industry representatives from directly accessing its officials engaged in developing policies and rules regarding implementation of tobacco control laws. Instead, the industry would have to now approach a committee comprising eight members, if they want to raise any issues concerning the interests […]

ECOSOC adopts resolution to prevent TI interference

7 June 2017: The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has adopted a resolution for members of the Inter-Agency Task Force (UNIATF) on NCDs to develop and implement policies that prevent tobacco industry interference. The Resolution has a paragraph that says: Encourages members of the Task Force, as appropriate and in line with their respective […]

Danish Institute of Human Rights tells PMI: “Stop production & marketing of tobacco

23 May 2017: The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), a quasi-state body, was asked by Philip Morris International (PMI) last year to conduct a human rights assessment on it. The DIHR has completed the task and has delivered a strong message to PMI to stop production and marketing of tobacco. The DIHR’s conclusion: “According […]

ITIC cuts ties with Big Tobacco

19 May 2017: The International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) has reportedly cut its ties with the transnational tobacco companies. According to a Financial Times report on 19 May, ITIC had asked tobacco representatives to resign from its Board of Directors and will no longer accept sponsorship contributions from tobacco companies. Cutting ties with the […]

Philippines is the first Asian country to require its foreign missions to apply FCTC Article 5.3

Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs: Philippines is the first Asian country to require its foreign missions to apply FCTC Article 5.3. Offices, Foreign Service Posts and Regional Consular Offices are instructed to comply with the provisions and guidelines set forth in attached CSC-DOH Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 2010-01 on the Protection of the Bureaucracy […]