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  1. “Interests” refer to any financial or non-financial links with the Tobacco Industry, including through Employment, Consultancy, Research, Business, Professional or Personal Interests, Contributions or Gifts, Family’s or Spouse/Partner’s Interests, Relationships up to the fourth degree of Consanguinity and Affinity, and Frequent or Regular Social Relationships. ( Refer to annexed chart of relatives for clarity. )

  2. “Tobacco Industry” Refers to (A) Any Tobacco or Tobacco Product Manufacturer, Processor, Wholesale Distributor, Importer, (B) Any Parent, Affiliate, Branch, or Subsidiary of Tobacco or Tobacco Manufacturer, Wholesale Distributor, Importer, Retailer, or (C) Any individual or entity, such as, but not limited to an Interest Group, Think Tank, Advocacy Organization, Lawyer, Law Firm, Scientist, Lobbyist, Public Relations, and/or Advertising Agency, Business, or Foundation, that represents or works to promote the Tobacco Industry, including but not limited to those listed in TOBACCOTACTICS.ORG

I declare that, other than the interests declared in the form below, I do not have interests, currently or in the past (5) years, related to the Tobacco Industry, and I am not knowingly representing or receiving any contribution or compensation, directly or indirectly, whether financial or otherwise, from the Tobacco Industry.

I certify that the information given above is, to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate, and complete.